It was within that moment
When hurt raged in my heart
When my soul shattered into pieces
All over again

Do you know what you do to us?
With your screams that can be heard even in my dreams
I relive every single argument of yours and yearn
To escape into oblivion

They say children are resilient
Our resilience has been tested over and over
Until like a rubber band each of us will snap
Then who will you blame?

When I run from home I don’t care
If I get mugged in the streets by some stranger
If I get kidnapped or if any other calamity befalls me
I’ve already suffered enough

I was thirteen when you two first started
Pointing blame at each other, hitting, screaming
Back then I could do no more than watch in horror
Now when you guys start, I run out the door

Now I’m almost hitting the big 30
Still trying to be peacemaker; I believe in both of you
Trying to keep you from hurt and from hurting others
Yet, somehow I’m still the 13 yr old

The one with trembling hands; unstoppable
Trying to hold back the tears
Trying to be strong enough
Trying to keep my family from breaking

I’ve finally realized the effort’s not worth it
Not when the family was broken long ago
By the two who were entrusted to guard it
All they guarded was their own selfish needs

U. Sophia A. 2001-2014


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